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Our Pastor

Pastor Greg Denham grew up in Southern California and became a Christian at the age of sixteen. At the age of twenty, Pastor Chuck Smith invited Greg to be on staff at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. He was ordained at twenty one.

When Greg was twenty-four, he became Lead Pastor of a growing and influential ministry in Northern California. For many years Greg also led large-scale evangelistic outreaches at Arco Arena and spearheaded yearly, “Friends of Israel” conferences. He has been to Israel nineteen times and has led multiple tours.

Greg has been a conference speaker at the Billy Graham Training Center, “The Cove”, and a featured speaker at a Billy Graham sponsored Crusade in Shillong, India.

He is the author of God’s Design for Dating, Love and Sex, A Progress Plan and Staying On Target -  with endorsements from Alistair Begg, Franklin Graham and Kent Hughes. Greg has also authored the discipleship series called “Get Launched”.

Greg is the founder of “The Context Movement” which is purposed to inspire a generation of leaders to rediscover the context in which the Gospel was first preached in Jerusalem, which will result in a clearer understanding of the Scriptures as a whole, and equip the church for more effective evangelism in the 21st Century.

Greg Laurie writes: “Greg Denham is a passionate and articulate communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our generation.” 

Greg and his wife Stephanie have been blessed with four children, two daughter-in-laws and five grandchildren.